Comic 35 - EA ISRV Anaxagoras Crater

17th Feb 2013, 2:51 AM in General
EA ISRV Anaxagoras Crater
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RedDwarfIV 17th Feb 2013, 2:51 AM edit delete
Originally designed for Nixie's Fungus Farm webcomic, will appear somepoint in the RankAmateur plotline.

The Anaxagoras Crater, named after an impact site on Earth's moon, Luna, is an armed response and recovery spacecraft. It is over three hundred years old, and is in a state of heavy disrepair. Its external centrifuge can produce 0.8G. It also carries an Alcubierre type warp drive along with a more modern FTL system, with a Tokamak fusion ring reactor proving its power generation capabilities.
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